How to Write a Website Clients and Prospects Want to Read

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How Insurance Agents Can Write a Lead-Generating Website

As an independent insurance agent, you’re also a business owner who must simultaneously sell yourself as a qualified professional and as a business that provides cost-effective and indispensable products. As much as you need to be an insurance expert, you’re also faced with the overwhelming task of being a marketer in order to build your business and consistently acquire more clients.

One of the essentials for acquiring clients is to have a website with personalized content that inspires viewers to take action with you. Even if prospects receive your name from a trusted friend or family member, nine out of 10 will still Google your name and check out your website before they make an appointment. In order to convert that lead into a client, you need a well-written website. Your prospects are looking to you to build trust and confidence through your written description of your expertise and services.

However, for many insurance agents, this is intimidating. This fear, or inability, to write about oneself often results in empty description boxes or a sparse website. Why is personal or company messaging so awkward and difficult for advisers to write? And, more importantly, how does an independent insurance agent conquer those difficulties? Read on to discover the solutions to the two biggest problems insurance agents face.

  1. I don’t know what to say.

Knowing your business model and knowing how to write about it are two different beasts. Often, it’s a lack of distance that causes the hang-up. One solution is to try to look at your practice from an outside perspective.

It may help to sit down with your business partner or someone who knows you and your business well and talk through your brand. Who are you? How do you do business? Why are you in this business? What is your philosophy?

Once you have figured out who you are, match your message to the needs of your potential clients. Rather than asking yourself, “How can I get my name out to high-net-worth individuals?” consider instead, “What is my target market worrying about right now? What can I say in my profile to best address those concerns?” Smart marketers tailor their message to meet the needs and concerns of the people with whom they want to work.

  1. Anything I write will look like every other adviser’s messaging.

To a certain extent, yes, your content may look similar to another insurance agent’s content. You’re in the same industry and certain elements of your services are universally shared. However, there’s a reason your clients work with you as opposed to one of the other 466,100 or so insurance agents in the United States (as of 2014, according to the Department of Labor). By defining small differences, be it traveling to clients’ homes or hosting community seminars on life insurance, you can stand out from the crowd.

Don’t forget about personal details as well. If you enjoy fly fishing or riding your Harley, include it in your bio. Actively involved with a local nonprofit? Share details about your participation and include a photo from a recent event. These are great conversation starters for prospects and can encourage a stranger to reach out to you.

Developing custom content on your website can be a daunting task, but there are easy solutions. Whether you devote a serious chunk of time to writing or work with a professional copywriter, you can overcome the difficulties and create compelling content that speaks to prospects and clients, improves your online presence, and effectively communicates your value proposition.

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